A Cute Leopard Print Outfit!

I have been sewing Miki some new outfits, mostly making tunics and leggings. I love sewing Love Notions’ free pattern, Leggins. I always make the yoga waistband, since we cloth diaper and Miki needs the extra room. The tunic was a variation on the ever popular Bimaa, where I shortened the sleeves and lengthened the body. I also added a little pink ruffle by cutting off the top of my old tshirt that was in the Goodwill pile.

Miki wore this outfit for a sum total of one hour, before she threw up all over it. Good times.

I really like hemming with a twin needle. It’s easy and gives great results. 

Far, far too late I discovered I had cut the polkadot fabric in the wrong direction of stretch. So while this pair fits great because it’s a four way cotton lycra blend, it does show strain when it’s being worn. That should teach me to pay attention!