Hey June Santa Fe – Or the pattern I love sewing five at a time.

Can I take a moment to talk about how a dolman sleeve top is amazing for summer? How the fact that the armscye is so low, I can sweat without worrying about it? The sleeve makes sure I’m not wondering if I’ve shaved recently, and and the loose fit is great in case I need to pull up the tee and nurse. Dolmans rock.

My favorite Dolman sleeve pattern is the Hey June Santa Fe. It’s the featured product of the month for June, and there’s a 15% discount if you buy it this month. Hopefully I’ll convince you to, by the end of this post.

The Hey June dolman has six different views, which range from a tank to a dolman, with optional side insets and center and back seams. I find the drafting to be excellent, as it always is with this designer. I do, however, find that the dolman has a little more ease than I like for my size, so in future I’ll probably size down. The cropped length is very cute, as is the final boxy look.

I’d also like to talk about how I’m slowly coming to like the loose-fitting tee style on me, versus the fitted bust/drapey waist and hips style of the past few years. The trick is to wear skinny jeans, that actually fit right. And that means for me, right up to my natural waist, which in RTW terms is a high rise style. And lower than that and I’ll be flashing the postman.  The high rise also ensures none of my “mother’s apron”, my loose belly skin, is flopping over the waistband which causes a muffin-top. It’s very comfortable to boot.

In summation, this is a pattern that is a favorite of mine right now. Hey June always  has on trend styles that seem to flatter everyone. Why not try this one for yourself?