Mama Mya from Made For Mermaids

My wardrobe desperately needs rayon spandex tops that have sleeves. Why, you ask? Because Texas. I feel like that’s the answer to everything. Why am I crabby? Because Texas. Why is there hail on my roof? Because Texas. Why is most of my stash of fabric useless? Because Texas. Don’t like the weather in Texas? Wait a second. Ha!

I love the Mama Mya from Made for Mermaids for it’s fit and sheer simplicity. It’s a very current boutique style, with a fitted bust and a slight a-line body. I like to keep the length cropped like this, so it’s overall more proportionate for my top-heavy figure.

This gorgeous fabric is from Sly Fox Fabrics. They have an amazing selection of really different prints on various bases. They do have the ubiquitous DBP (double brushed poly) that has taken the world by storm, but they also have lovely rayon spandex that’s just what I need. This one is light yet not see-through, which is what I need since see-through is really not a good look on me. I actually ordered 12 more yards of various prints so I can live in this lusciousness.