Tester: The ADVTee by Sofilantjes is Live!

 I’ve talked about how amazing Anne Jacobs of Sofilantjes is, a few times before. With her wonderful, modern style and well-detailed patterns, Sofilantjes designs are always a hit in our house.

Here is the ADVTee, a slim fitting tee shirt with two options – a classic V-neck, and a front diagonal slit for those children that need a little extra room in the neckline.

With an optional front pocket, and long or short sleeves, this tee will perfectly fill those gaps in your kid’s wardrobe. It’s great for boys and girls alike.

The pattern comes in sizes 12m (80) to 14 (164), and I made size 18m (86) for a 20″ chest.

As always, this pattern comes in English and Dutch, since Sofilantjes is bilingual. Instructions are nicely detailed, with line drawings and photos to help beginners. 

In these photos, Miki was twirling round and round, something she first learned to do in her IRIDIS dress. I was testing that dress for Sofilantjes too, a year ago. Wow, time flies so fast.

The pattern is on sale for only TWO days. today and tomorrow. PLEASE buy it soon! It’s only $5 (EU tax excluded), and very worth it. Here is the shop, and here is the pattern to buy.